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Company: Clear Bridge Group Pty Ltd
Address: 15 Cumberland Court, Forest Hill, Victoria
Zipcode: 3131
City: Forest Hill
Country: Australia
Tel: +61 3 9878 3418
Fax: +61 3 9878 2470

We established our company in January 2003 as an engineering contracting firm. Main area of expertise is in the field of water and wastewater treatment plants. We were involved in small, medium and large projects around Australia for companies like Thames Water Pty Ltd and Earth Tech Engineering Pty Ltd. Currently we assist United KG Pty Ltd with tender preparation and bid management as well as project engineering/management. Our scope of work included project management, design and procurement.

We are members of Australian Water Association and of Institution of Engineers Australia. Over the years we built up an extensive list of contacts in water and wastewater industry. We are interested to become agents/ distributors for specialized equipment for the industry like: biological removal, filtration, sludge thickening, etc.

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