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Company: Housewares International Group Co.,Ltd.
Address: Room 508,No.4 Building,Electron Design Academy,Futian District,Shenzhen,China
Zipcode: 518031
City: Shenzhen
Country: China
Tel: 86-755-83323725
Fax: 86-755-82122468

Founded in 1995, our company, the Housewares International Group Co.,Ltd. has, after 10 years’ development through its marketing network and on the basis of its top-grade products, achieved outstanding performance in housewares. The “Housewares” which was registered in the PRC on Jan.1,1995 is the united trademark of the high-quality housewares manufactured by the company. Comparing with other houseware company, below are our advantages.

1.We are marketing professional products. Our home cleaning tools series almost cover all the home cleaning tools.
2.Continuous investigation and development plan ensures our product always stand on the top posistion in the field.
3.Flexible OEM manufacturing enable us to meet the different demand from different customer.

Main products with trademark of Housewares include below 9 series. Microfibre Series,Cleaning Series (Cloth,Sponge,Brush,Glove and Mop), Bath Series(Bath Robe and Cap),Antibacterial Series and product set. Now, our business includes three

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