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Company: Natrelle Ltd
Address: 27 Old Gloucester St
Zipcode: WC1N 3XX
City: London
Country: UK
Tel: 0044151 342 1061
Fax: 0044151 342 1061

Natrelle Ltd Are a UK based manufacturer and distributor of Cosmetics and Beauty products.NaturalTan a comprehensive selftan range is stocked by many UK retailers including Selfridges,Harrods and many beauty salons.Comprising sprays,a selftan Mousse,Applicator mitt,Selftan sachets and the Original Tanstrap a unique selftan for the back.NaturalTan can also be found in many other countries with dedicated National distributors.We are actively seeking distributors for the US,Australia and Canada as part of our next expansion phase.

Dermatalogically tested,Hypoallergenic and with added moisturisers and Vitamin E all the application methods perform to the same high standards producing a flawless total body tan.Our pricing policy enables retailers to sell the range at a more affordable price than similar products such as StTropez and Tantowel,in fact in the UK all major distributors now solely stock NaturalTan.

So succesful has the range been that we now produce own label for many well known brands,Tanstrap is now an important part of many selftan ranges.NaturalTan is just one of the many succesful products produced by Natrelle,for full company details view

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