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Company: Seven telecom ltd
Address: 6 lloyds avenue
Zipcode: EC3N 3AX
City: London
Country: UK
Tel: 0870 377 7777
Fax: 0870 377 7771
url: has been established to provide high quality 'direct dial' telephone connections at the cheapest possible price.We provide Tier 1 quality terminations to all continents throughout the world at a price that cannot be beaten for a 'direct dial' call. Asia 2p per min, Africa 2p per min, Europe 2p per min, Australasia 2p per min, America's 2p per min.And these prices are inlcusive of VAT. Register on our web site and get a free NGN number for all your international calls. No deposits, no set-up costs, the cost of the call will appear on your supplier bill as normal.

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