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Company: Astone Holdings Pty Ltd
Address: Unit 5 / 5 Dunlop St Strathfield South NSW
Zipcode: 2136
City: Sydney
Country: Australia
Tel: +61 2 9742-5790
Fax: +61 2 9742-5798

Astone is a new Australian brand that focuses on developing and manufacturing innovative and exciting lifestyle products for the mass market. Astone has a new range of products that are of excellent quality without the price tag, and with over seventy product lines Astone provides its customers with products in categories such as Digital Entertainment, Computer Peripherals, Audio-Visual, Lifestyle & Home Appliances, Electronic Toys and Communication. Astone is already established in the Asean and Oceania countries where our range of products is performing strongly.

Astone has a full research and development centre located in Hong Kong that actively develops new innovative products for end users. Current products under development include video conferencing software, user friendly VOIP communication devices, high end digital entertainment devices, electronic toys and other lifestyle products.

Through strategic alliances with many manufacturers throughout Asia, and with a Hong Kong control centre, Astone is able to reduce manufacturing and product costs through integrated partnerships.

Astone is actively seeking to forge new partnerships with various clients such as Distributors, Retail Chains and Dealers from all parts of the globe and due to the high demand of products in our targeted markets, Astone will soon become a truly global brand where all can share in its success.

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