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Company: Eskay Exports - Glass Beads
Address: AF-3/C-3, Imlok-II,
Zipcode: 221002
City: Varanasi
Country: India
Tel: 0091-542-2500339
Fax: 0091-542-2507423

Eskay Exports began life in the early 2000 at the holy city of Varanasi, Uttar Pradesh. The initial goal of the business was to enable its traders to buy beads while sharing their enjoyment of making beaded jewelry. Challenging the competitive market scenario, Eskay Beads grew and made a name in the beads industry.

Our beads are handcrafted by exceptional artisans. We are an accomplished bead maker in our own right. We offer unique bead designs that are not available anywhere else. Our beads are the real thing, handcrafted by our own efficient staff. We are wholesale supplier of glass beads, shell beads and other designer beads from India.

We are manufacturing Glass Beads, Wooden beads, Clay Beads, etc.Eskay Exports is happy to bring you the best collection on the market. Most of all we are happy to offer you personalized customer service.

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