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Company: Aristar Sp. z o.o.
Address: ul. Puzaskiego 82
Zipcode: 42-200
City: Czestochowa
Country: Poland
Tel: 0048 34 368 10 42
Fax: 0048 34 365 33 07

Producer of plastic car trunk mats with an anti-slip mat and a protective collar. Currently we offer trunk mats precisely fitting the trunks of more than 450 different car models. Our offer is being constantly extended along with the new car models being introduced on the market. We offer also trunk mats for older passenger car models.

We also offer universal car trunk mats in four standard sizes: 50 cm x 90 cm, 70 cm x 90 cm, 85 cm x 90 cm and 90 cm x 100 cm. We have specialized in the production of car trunk mats for eight years now and we export 90% of our production to European Union.

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