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Company: Jow Tong Technology Co., Ltd.
Address: No. 46, Lane 337, Chung Cheng Rd.,
Zipcode: 710
City: Yung Kang
Country: Taiwan
Tel: +886-6-2538888
Fax: +886-6-2538999

Jow Tong Technology is one of the leading Taiwanese designers and manufacturers specialized in digital transmitter and mobile phone accessories. Beginning in 1988, we are specialized in hands free car kits, having subsequently expanded into the growing digital telecom market.

We supply products in accordance with our customer's specific requests and we have an track record and impressive history of design and assembly of numerous custom OEM/ODM projects. In recent years, we have gained the reputation of so-called "Worry-Free" quality and reliability due to our dedicated research and production experience. With extensive design background, we always do our best to develop innovative products to meet our customer's demands. We are proud of our relatively short responding time and continuous improvement.

Being a leader in advanced technology, we conducts strict quality control procedures. With each employee's efforts, Jow Tong's products have received worldwide recognition with customers' approval. We also successfully acquired ISO 9001 certification with flying colors.

Our sales team is more than willing to assist you and make sure our customer will receive the quality guaranted products. Our technical support team is always available to answer your inquiries. Furthermore, we cordially work with you in designing a customized item. And fast delivery, strict quality, competitive prices and best service are our guarantee.

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