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Company: Export Promotion Bureau
Address: Block-A, Ground Floor, Finance & Trade Centre Shahrah-e-Faisal
Zipcode: 75200
City: Karachi
Country: Pakistan
Tel: 111-444-111
Fax: +9221-9202713
url: http://www.epb.gov.pk

Export Promotion Bureau (EPB) is the primary agency of the Government of Pakistan engaged in promotion and boosting of country's exports. Since its inception in 1963 as an attached department of the Ministry of Commerce, EPB continues to facilitate the exporters in overcoming difficulties faced by them on the supply and demand side of our exports.

On the demand side, EPB helps exporters to participate in exhibitions abroad and sends delegations to export markets with a view to explore new markets and develop the traditional markets. On supply side, EPB has established over 32 training institutes and projects in various export sectors to train necessary manpower that can manage the export trade and industry, professionally, meeting the requirements of the export markets. Export promotional activities are carried out in co-ordination with trade bodies at home and Pakistan's trade missions abroad. EPB has its head office in Karachi, which is also the main industrial and commercial center and the major export outlet of the country.

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