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Company: Henrik Lorenz Ltd.
Address: 9 Science Museum Road, New East Ocean Centre, TST East
Zipcode: Kowloon
City: Hong Kong
Country: Hong Kong
Tel: +852 27224383
Fax: +852 27224893
url: http://www.henriklorenz.com

Henrik Lorenz Ltd. is an agency who is handling/watching the production of their clients in Far East. We are acting very successful + trustful in this business since more than 30 years, have the best reputations at famous brands and big companies (supermarkets, mail-order-houses, sport-companies, industry-companies a.s.o.) in Germany, also Europe and some other countries. Same with any kind of firms, who need promotion items (breweries, cities, sport-clubs a.s.o.).

Henrik Lorenz Ltd. is doing in textiles as well as in hardware-items (also jewellery + watches), therefore can provide nearly everything to any kind of customer. The business is the whole range (if requested also only part of it) what has to do from offers, buying-market information, sending samples, watching production until shipment arrived at destination at customer. Also organizing Far-East-trips and taking care at customers during their stay in Far East.

Henrik Lorenz Ltd. has 7 offices all over Far East (Hong Kong, China, Singapore, Thailand, India) and is working with 18 countries there. Several groups of merchandisers are responsible for certain products, so they are specialists and trustful (what is also necessary, especially with jewellery/watches).

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