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Company: Tai Fu zipper Co., Ltd
Address: No.436 Wan-Shou Road, Sec.1, Kuei-Shan Hsiang
Zipcode: 333
City: Taoyuan Hsien
Country: Taiwan
Tel: 8862-8209-2201
Fax: 8862-8209-2205
url: http://www.taifuzippers.com.tw

Established in 1980, Tai-Fu Co. has been devoted to this zipper-related industry for more than 20 years. With a culture of competitiveness, simplicity, soldity and diligence, and the attitude of putting quality and customers' satisfaction as our top priority, we are proud to provide domestic and international customers with products of fine quality in the brand name of TFC. Due to the trend of globalization and the need to extend our services for current customers, we started to expand our territory into China in 2001, and officially set up TAI-FU ZIPPER (DONGGUAN)CO. in the same years.

Our main product list includes a full line of metal, nylon, and plastic zippers for the use of accessories of clothing, sports equipments, diving suits, travel trunks, and shoes. To consolidate our managerial structure, better product quality, and meet the even stricter environmental requirements of western standards, we have been certified by ISO-9001 and won TESTEX Environmental Badge of Switzerland. Thus, we have strong confidence in winning the recognition from customers of higer levels.

In face of the coming of tougher global competition, the entire staff at our company is going one step further to the commitment to quality enhancement, on-time delivery, and reassuring after-sale services. Under the guideline of customers' needs and satisfaction, we look forward to a future of prospect for both you and TFC.

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