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Company: Nuevo Mundo Corporation
Address: 15015 Hilton Head Ct
Zipcode: 80921
City: Colorado Springs
Country: USA
Tel: 1-719-930-4617
Fax: 1-719-457-5959

We live in an apparently vicious business environment. Yet, history teaches us that our times are really not that much different that any other time when the economic life and survival of commercial entities were at risk. Today, the business environment merely appears to be more negatively acute because of the proliferation of information and because, frankly, we expect that in the thousands of years that man has been on Earth, we can do better to treat each other fairly. At NMC we strive, conscientiously, to treat our internal and external customers fairly.

The true testament of what we believe is not to be found on whether we become the biggest, or the largest, but in whether our work promotes the advancement and progress of businesses and individuals affected by our decisions. Therefore, we firmly believe that when we do a good job, and we are conscientious in what we do, the profits will be realized.

Nuevo Mundo Corporation specializes in international sales in four specific, and separately managed lines - Electronic and computer goods, such as Plasma and LCD television sets, portable and table top DVD players, Digital Cameras, flash drives, memory cards, etc. - Direct from the manufacturer. Telecommunication goods, such as mobile telephones, chargers, batteries, etc, All models and makes, new and refurbished.

Office consumables, such as paper, ink cartridges, and toner - original and compatible products. Apparel (our newest line), such as original branded and faux branded clothing and shoes.

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