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Company: Snazzy Baby Pty Ltd
Address: 38 Rosemeadow Drive
Zipcode: 2137
City: Cabarita
Country: Australia
Tel: 61 2 87650095
Fax: 61 2 87659718

Snazzy Baby is a baby products company based in Sydney. We have developed baby crawling knee pads which are receiving world wide acclaim. They are uniquely designed to protect the knees of babies and toddlers while learning to crawl and walk. Made of the softest neoprene with traction beads directly embossed on to the neoprene, they are suitable for use on carpets, tiles, hardwood floors, outside paving and concrete. Fully adjustable with velcro straps one size fits all and also caters for special needs children. Snazzy Baby is taking their baby crawling knee pads to the world and is looking for international distributors in the USA, Europe and Japan.
Snazzy Baby is also interested in finding unique baby products for release into Australia and New Zealand.

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