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Company: Vogue Axis
Address: 147/1 Green road
Zipcode: 1215
City: Dhaka
Country: Bangladesh
Tel: 0171697612
Fax: 0088-02-9713304

We are a manufacturing and exporting company of all kinds of knitted, woven and sweater products. Our company is situated in Bangladesh. We can assure you over 500000 basic T-shirt and 100000 woven shirt/trouser productions each month in our own three factories. We are very specific in our jobs. Such as most of the companies avoid fabric testing, color shade testing or testing fastness, also print durability test from lab and careless in factory side and lack of skilled workers, but we are always strict on these points. We have also a strong inspection rule which helps for better quality. So make contact with us then we can give more abut our company profiles, factory area, machineries detail, shipment capacity, inspection rules, shipping line details, Bank details and more abut our shipments.

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