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Company: Xintian Trading GmbH
Address: Kaiser Friedrich Promenade 85
Zipcode: D-61348
City: Bad Homburg
Country: Germany
Tel: 0049-6172-288754
Fax: 0049-6172-687345

We are a Chinses co. based sales office in Germany for the following products;

1. Serial products of crystallined silica powder, soluble silica powder, transformed silica powder etc. The percentage of silicon dioxide is 99.6% min. and the whiteness is 92% min.The fineness of graularity is from 300 mesh to 6500 mesh.

The micro silica (SiO2) powder has the property of very nice insulation, anti-causticity, anti-deposition, low conductivity etc. which are widely used for electronic industry (electronic elements, high voltage elements and the insulated moulding material of large integrate circuit etc.).It is also the idea material for the products of high quality coatings, anti-crrosion, bondant, daily useing chemicals, dental, ceramic, plastic and silica gel etc.

2. Zinc powder; For coatings, paints, rongalite, medicine, reducing agent and bleaching agent etc.
3. Light magnesium oxide 97% min. powder.
4. Red lead, yellow lead, Dibasic lead phosphite, Tribasic lead sulfate, lead stearate and Barium stearate etc.

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