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Company: Elite Sport Services
Address: Ag Trifonos 23, Glyfada
Zipcode: 16561
City: Athens
Country: Greece
Tel: +30 210 9648 448
Fax: +30 210 9624 303
url: http://www.elitesportservices.com

ELITE SPORT SERVICES is a company who is offering top class sport services. We have the theoretical and practical knowledge that give us the opportunity to offer services, to Sport Federations, professional athletes coaches and teams, to help them improve their performances, and reach their goals.
Our products and services are
Distributors of NEMES-BOSCO SYSTEM(tm) in Eastern Europe, M. East, Far East, South Africa, and Australia.

Distributors of ERGO-JUMP, ERGO-POWER, and MUSCLE-LAB for the above countries as well.

Distributors of SNAC SYSTEM sport supplements for Europe.

Technical and training support to coaches and athletes. Scientific training design for enhancing performance

Advanced Strength Training Protocolls, and many more.

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