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Food - Russian Federation


Company: Open Company Gifts of the Nature
Address: Charles Libknehta 4/9
Zipcode: 186000
City: Olonets
Country: Russian Federation
Tel: +7 81436 34760
Fax: +7 81436 34760

Our company is engaged in gathering and drying of wild berries and mushrooms, sells their wholesale parties under very favourable prices. Berries and mushrooms are dried on the microwave vacuum equipment at low temperatures 35-60C, in them aroma is kept, the majority of vitamins, high regenerative ability, natural color without dimness of a product is kept. High microbiological quality of dried berries is kept more than 1 year. In 2004 at us in assortment a bilberry dried, a bilberry dried crushed, a mountain ash dried; a cranberry and a cowberry fresh, frozen; mushrooms white dried, mushrooms white dried crushed, cantharellus fresh, salty. We are always open for cooperation with the interested companies.

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