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Company: PT. Sukses Lautan Indonesia (SULINDO)
Address: Indrapura Baru no. 351
Zipcode: 60164
City: Surabaya
Country: Indonesia
Tel: +62 31 3555260
Fax: +62 31 3532735

Our plant is equipped with a complete fish process supporting facilities including 8 units of semi contacts of 1-ton capacity each, 2 air blast rooms of 5-ton capacity, 1 unit of water brine of 5-ton capacity. And 2 units of 300-ton capacity coldstorage as well as an ice-block making plant of 80-ton capacity.

The fact that our plant is located within the port complex has supported us in consistently obtaining raw materials in a fresh condition. SULINDO already approved and implemented the HACCP's standard for processing plant and also have our own EU number for exporting to Europe countries.

Supported by appropriate and complete fish processing facilities, from the beginning to end, and under a tight quality control by SULINDO, we are confident that we could supply good guaranteed quality products to our consumers.

Here are the list of fishes we use SNAPPER, GROUPER, EMPEROR, SEABREAM, SWEETLIP also many other fish.

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