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Company: Microtech Production Holdings plc
Address: Unit 13D Cardrew Industrial Estate
Zipcode: TR15 1PS
City: Redruth
Country: UK
Tel: 0044 1209 314445
Fax: 0044 1209 314694

Microtech Production Holdings plc specialise in the manufacture and distribution of a range of environmentally safe products in the area of garden/horticultural and agricultural fertilisers, soil conditioners and plant stimulants; together with a selection of non-toxic insect traps (indoor/outdoor fly, cockroach and wasp). The garden products are manufactured using seaweed (a sustainable and renewable resource) and are therefore not harmful to the environment as they contain only natural products.

Equally the insect traps use no poisons and, as with the containers for the garden products, are 100% recyclable. In addition to the above Microtech are also developing a range of cleaning products and are also reseaching a cosmetic selection also made from natural products.

At present we are looking for export opportunities and would welcome enquiries from interested companies abroad. Micotech Production Holdings plc have an overiding principle which is applied to all projects undertaken: The Preservation & Protection of the Planet.

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