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Household - Spain


Company: Smile Island SL
Address: Vila i Vila 97, 6, 1
Zipcode: 08004
City: Barcelona
Country: Spain
Tel: 0034 93 441 1477
Fax: 0034 93 441 1477

First and foremost, we design shower curtains. Also, we can develop complete concepts and design individual shower curtain ranges for an organisation while providing brand consultation to coordinate the look of related items carrying the organisation's graphic signature. Our shower curtains are stylish, sexy, youthful and fun products that will appeal both to the ultra hip as well as suit the busy bathroom of a young family. At the moment, we consider adding other graphic design based interior products.

We look for importers and distributors with solid client bases. We like to see our products in interior, furniture and gift shops and in interior departments of retail stores amongst other brands of quality. Furthermore, suppliers to hotels, resorts, health clubs and clinics might consider our present designs or specifically themed designs as part of an offer.

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