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Company: Seafood Traders P/L
Address: 15 Maxwells Road
Zipcode: 7170
City: Cambridge Tasmania
Country: Australia
Tel: 61362485739
Fax: 61362485740

Live abalone export is the core business of Seafood Traders P/L. Based in Tasmania, Australia the company air freights over 100 tonnes of live abalone annually. Seafood Traders P/L also produces IQF abalone meat, par boiled in shell, whole frozen and dried abalone. We ship world wide but mainly to Taiwan, Japan and USA. The company has been in the live abalone business for 15 years. All the abalone shipped is wild caught from Tasmanian waters. The water temperature is cool and high quality. The major species processed is Haliotis rubra (black lip abalone). The size ranges from 450 grams to 1kg with an average size of 550 grams. Packaged in 12kg polystyrene boxes the abalone will arrive in good condition up to 36 hours after shipment. The gross weight of each box is 15kg which is made up of 12kg live abalone, 1.2kg gell pack plus 3.5% over pack.

Minimum purchase quantity of live abalone is 200kg but up to 1000kg can be shipped in any single consignment. Single package size for whole frozen abalone is 15kg while IQF abalone meat is shipped in 10kg boxes.

Seafood Traders is interested in developing market contacts for abalone products in China, Japan, mainland USA, Canada and Korea. For more details please visit our web site at

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