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Confectionery - Korea (South)


Company: Haitai Confectionery & Food Company
Address: 131-1, Namyoung-Dong, Yongsan-Gu
Zipcode: 140708
City: Seoul
Country: Korea (South)
Tel: +82-2-709-7647
Fax: +82-2-790-8127
url: http://www.ht.co.kr

Haitai has been dedicated to providing the best foods to people throughout their lives with the goal of high quality food products and customer's well-being since its foundation in 1945. Haitai is not only Korea's leading company in the field of total confectioneries, but it is also distributing the products with excellence in quality and variety of designs to overseas consumers.

Recently, the name "HAITAI" has become synonymous with excellence in the mind of consumers. We have pursued to manufacture more than hundreds of brands, meeting the varied needs and individual tastes of consumers worldwide with a total workforce of approximately 4,500 employees.

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