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Agriculture - Canada


Company: Redwood International Sales
Address: Highland Hill Road
Zipcode: N2N 3G2
City: Kitchener
Country: Canada
Tel: 519 579 9948
Fax: 519 579 3156

We are a Canadian based trading company located in the heartland of Canadian industry,the Province of Ontario. We handle a variety of products including pet food and supplies,windows, doors, agricultural products, livestock feeds and premixes,farm equipment,private label personal care products such as soap and shampoos.We are a customer oriented company seeking long term relationships. Our small size allows us to adapt quickly to our customers needs and requests. We can also act as your agent to source any number of products not listed above. We look forward to any inquiries you might have. We will reply promptly with the information and pricing required. Rely on Redwood International Sales for all your needs originating from Canada or The USA.

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