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Company: Miniplast Ein-Shemer
Address: K. Ein-Shemer
Zipcode: 37845
City: D.N. Hefer
Country: Israel
Tel: 972-4-6374395
Fax: 972-4-6371919

Miniplast Ein-Shemer is the main producer of disposable plastic medical equipment for laboratory use in Israel. The plant is owned by a very well established kibbutz, conveniently located in the center of Israel, and is highly regarded by its customers as a reliable supplier. Aiming at the medical market, Miniplast has furnished its production plant with Class 100 type clean rooms which enable the firm to provide its customers with machine sterile products. Upon request, Miniplast products are sterilized by Gamma irradiation, which is varied according to product specification.

Marketing and Distribution
Being a relatively small country, Israelís market is very well covered by Miniplastís distribution system. All government hospitals, bacteriological laboratories, the research institute, food industries, plant nurseries, agricultural industries and veterinary clinics regularly use Miniplast products to their complete satisfaction. Although the products are considered bulky, Miniplast has managed to route its export capacity to most of the developed countries, especially the USA and Europe.

Quality Assurance
Miniplast has held ISO 9002 approval since 1998. All Miniplast products are fully inspected by its Quality Assurance system to avoid any unforeseen problems in production and supply.

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