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Company: Fi-Shock Inc
Address: 5360 N. National Drive
Zipcode: 37914
City: Knoxville, Tennessee
Country: USA
Tel: 865-524-7380
Fax: 865-673-4770

Your one-source supplier for animal containment, ballast, buckets, fence accessories and livestock identification systems since 1968. Fi-Shock focuses on quality and engineering integrity while maintaining the most competitive prices in the industry.
Fi-Shock manufactures the following products: Plant identification markers; Professional electric fence energizers; electric fence energizers; Pet and garden assorted products; Flock-Shock poultry energizers; Electric fence insulators; Porcelain insulators; Insulated cable; Portable electric fencing; electric fence accessories; Polytape, polywire, accessories ans insulators; Aluminized steel wire; Smooth galvanized steel wire; Aluminum wire; High-tensile tools and accessories; Energizer replacement parts; Flourescent ballasts; Electronic bird repelling products; Landscape protection systems; Plastic pails and buckets; Electric board fence; Ear tags and accessories.
Wholesale price schedules, lowest electric fence and energizer prices in the industry, worldwide shipping.

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