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Company: TOA E&I Singapore Pte Ltd
Address: 51 Genting Lane, 07-01 Hiang Kie Complex 1
Zipcode: 349560
City: Singapore
Country: Singapore
Tel: 65-68457122
Fax: 65-67435287

TOA E&I Singapore Pte Ltd is a fast growing company dealing in high technology products & services in the plastic and electronic industry. We have subsidiary companies and offices in USA, UK, France, Indonesia, Phillippines, Malaysia, Thailand, etc.

Our business covers 1. Plastic; a.Tooling for plastic injection molding, tooling for metal Stamping;
b.Precision molding with claping force from 25 to 350 tons; c.Multi-component molding with Nissei, Sumitomo and Arburg Machines;
d.Secondary Processes
e.Final Assembly
2. Components; Full range of electronics components
3. Insulation'; Flexible Flat Cable, Wire related products, Connectors,Foam Related Products, Heat curable SMD adhesive, etc.
4. Home appliances;
a. TV, fridge, microwave oven parts.
b. LCD TV, PDP TV, Fridge, Washer, Microwave Oven, Aircon.
5. Electronic Manufacturing Services

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