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Company: Pico Sourcing Services Co., Ltd
Address: Room 1309-1310, Building A, United Plaza, 5022, Binhe Road, Futian
Zipcode: 518033
City: Shenzhen
Country: China
Tel: 86 - 755 - 8290 0540
Fax: 86 - 755 - 82951282
url: http://www.picoworld.com

We are a subsidiary of Pico Far East Holdings Ltd. (www.pico.com), a company listed on the Stock Exchange of Hong Kong. Pico Sourcing Services Co., Ltd specialises in providing sourcing services from factories and suppliers in China and Asia. We work with a wide variety of production plants and have the capability in sourcing for a wide range of products. The Pico Group of companies has been in the marketing and servicing industry for the last 34 years. Today, we have established and operating an international network with offices located in 7 cities of China and 20 cities worldwide. We communicate with our worldwide network, utilizing global resources in generating cost-effective and efficient in our sourcing business. Our business portfolio and testimonial from our global clients has recognized us the 4 main elements of PICO - Professionals, Integrate, Communications and Organisations.

Pico Sourcing Services has a team of specialists in sourcing, design, production, quality control, packing, delivery and even warehouse services etc., in providing professionals business solution to our clients each time, every time. We are a team of Professionals, technology Integrated with creativity, people Communication with people, all made possible by an Organisation that brings a world of experience in sourcing products to make a world of difference.

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