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Company: Shubh Shri Exports
Address: 8/48 Mitra Nagar Raghuvir Puri
Zipcode: 202001
City: Aligarh
Country: India
Tel: +91-571-2521441
Fax: +91-571-2520188

Our inventory has a range of 100 varied and different articles .Some of them are listed below: Lever Latch ,Knob Latch,Lever Lock,Letter Plates,Heat Vent & Switch Plates, Cylinder Pull, Mortise Knobs, Fasteners ,Rosettes, Spindles, Finials, Screws & Bolts, Curtain Brackets, Drapery Fittings ,Bathroom Fittings ,Lever Privacy, Decorative Hooks, Hold Backs ,Key Holes ,Hinges & Handles. Though our products are tailor made to suit the customer's needs , we have no problem in making articles of the choice of the buyer. We provide custom made products which is based on the specific requirements of the buyer. In these cases, we protect their property right . We maintain exclusivity. The design and product are kept exclusively for them.

We do not make any compromise on quality. We do not believe in producing and selling huge quality of substandard goods. Each one of our product is made to withstand the market's strict and rigid requirements and specifications . They all confirm to the World Standards. Before rolling out, we make them go through stringent quality tests.

In the modern day business of export and import, we always meet deadlines . We are very time sensitive. We ensure timely dispatch /delivery at any cost. Once a sample is approved and a purchase order is placed, we need 10 to 12 weeks to dispatch the goods. This can be reduced to even 30 days if we get a schedule for a year /half. We offer you fine quality, punctuality and attractive payment terms.

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