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Company: Vrska Press
Address: Tot Istvana 79
Zipcode: 23206
City: Zrenjanin-Muzlja
Country: Yugoslavia
Tel: +381 23 522815
Fax: +381 23 522816
url: http://www.vrskapress.com

»VRŠKA PRESS« is a company with more than ninthteen years of tradition in engineering,design and production of special graphites, mechanical seals graphite sliding bearings and rotary joints.

Our company in Hungary should be especially emphasized for menaging a successful battle at the European and world`s market in the field of mehanical seals, rotary joints and graphite products.

Mechanical seals of our construction can readily endure different kinds of industrial fluids,from water and water steam to extremely aggresive, base, acid, corrosive, abrasive and crystallizing media, at the temperatures from -40 to 220°C and pressures up to 80 bar, in special cases more than 80 bar pressure.

«VRŠKA PRESS« rotary joints are suitable for operation and are used in pulp and paper, textile, rubber, plastics, tobacco, meat and conditor industries. They are also very suitable for maintenance and mounting.

Our offer includes special graphite elements like split segment (plunger) rings,air compressors sealing rings and vacuum pump shuffles. Graphite bearings are used for all kinds of rotary equipment where technical conditions do not allow a standard bearings installation.

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