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Company: Paolo Brocchi
Address: De Cervantes,13
Zipcode: 47827
City: Verucchio
Country: Italy
Tel: +39.0541.827200
Fax: +39.0541.923596

We are a italian company builder of special food-machines. We build machines to produce special thin round-flat bread called "piadina" for families, restaurants, small comunities, and, big plants for large production like can be supermarkets supply. "Piadina" is a natural product similar pizza, but very different. It was born many centuries ago in an exclusive area in Italy and comes of an ancient recipe. Normaly it is eaten hot with ham, sausages, salamies, tuna or other fishes,fresh or coocked vegetables, cheese and many other food instead common bread because it is very appetizing. "Piadina" has had a big success with european supermarkets distributionin the last three/four years.

Large production is manufactored and packed in sterile rooms, so the product can conserve with relative low temperature (from 5 to 10 C degrees)for two months without problems. It can be produced, also, just in time in small quantity with homes or restaurants directly by small and cheaper machines that we build. We are looking for importers and distributors in USA and Canada. If you have interest for this businness please contact us.

Paolo Brocchi

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