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Company: TMC Inc
Address: 1-2-2-704 Minamieguchi Higashiyodogawa-ku
Zipcode: 533-0003
City: Osaka
Country: Japan
Tel: 06-6324-1368
Fax: 06-6324-1368

We are an exporter of Japanese used cars, car parts, damaged cars, and heavy commercial vehicles. Our company staff are the specialists for all the cars, therefore we are very certain for that we are able to provide the information that our custoemrs would like to have. In addition, we have the warehouses where all the damaged cars are repaired.

As you know, we can arrange the cars in any way as much as possible as for your request. We are still new as for a trading company in Japan, however, we have been in the car industries for more than 15 years and for sure, you will be satisfied for our services. We are looking for the serious business partners all over the world and if you are interested, pls. contact us as soon as possible.

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