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Company: Innovative Group
Address: 4500 Woodman Avenue E316
Zipcode: 91423
City: Sherman Oaks
Country: USA
Tel: 818-783-3333
Fax: 818-783-6953

WW Innovative Group, Inc. is the first full-service marketing and distribution consultancy agency offering integrated advertising and media services to international companies targeting the Persian Consumer Market. We provide our international client base with the knowledge and expertise in targeting this community by developing multi-tiered distribution channels and cost-efficient US and European-based satellite television broadcasting to Iran and surrounding Persian communities.

WW Innovative Group offers first-hand, comprehensive understanding of the Persian community, its unique characteristics and nuances of Persian lifestyles, consumer buying habits and marketing trends. As a distribution consultancy, we have established a matrix of distributors throughout Dubai, United Arab Emirates. The city of Dubai is a free-trade zone created by the government that offers strategic base locations for companies targeting emerging markets in Middle East.

In the last three years, technological improvements in the satellite television industry and the proliferation of satellite dishes have linked together Persian communities in Iran, Tajikistan, Kuwait, and Dubai, UAE. Persian Media targets an estimated 100 million potential satellite television viewers globally. The population of Iran is 72 million with a satellite viewership of 45 million. There are an estimated 26 million potential satellite viewers in neighboring countries.

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