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Company: China Business Press
Address: 1-103 No.23 Building, Guanyingyuanxiqu, Xicheng District
Zipcode: 100035
City: Beijing
Country: China
Tel: 86-10-66169051
Fax: 86-10-66151412

China Business is a comprehensive English commercial magazine printed and published in Hong Kong with its editorial department in Beijing. China Business owns copiously sources of information involving domestic foreign trade companies, industrial-trading companies, power-enlarged enterprises, international hotels, and commercial centers etc.
Topics such as foreign trade policies and trends, business opportunities, investment invitation announcements are included in this magazine. Outstanding people in China's trade circles and tourist industries are also main features of this magazine.

Since its first publication in 1993, over a hundred of domestic foreign trade companies, export-oriented enterprises, commercial centers, hotels and development zones put their ads in our magazine in expecting to expand the international market. We have established wide connections with these manufacturers in electronics, automobile and spare parts, chemicals, textile, cosmetics etc.. We sincerely wish to co-operate with foreign clients all over the world in a common effort to promote and make international trade and project-investment work a good success.

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