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Company: Dazzili Co.,Ltd
Address: 844 Pracha Uthit Rd., Huay Kwang
Zipcode: 10320
City: Bangkok
Country: Thailand
Tel: (662) 274-4616, (661) 614-4647
Fax: (662) 274-4805
url: http://www.craft2buy.com

We are Thai manufacturer and Exporter of "Bai Mon" Products, the 3-D paper handicrafts, that offer you a wide variety of innovative selections such as greeting card, photo album, frame, telephone book, shopping bag and much more.

Our products are the perfect combinations of unique hand-made paper and artful 3-D figure design, striking with water based color. Each beautiful paint is created by hand of deaf artists to support their different ability. Our intention is to give them the working opportunity for their better life. All products are made with high-grade material and strictly quality control. Check out our web site at www.craft2buy.com and you will know how your customer will get better gifts ever with reasonable price from US$ 1.00 - 5.00 each. We also produce other fine handicraft product such as "Gem watch" and "Cube Candle".

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