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Company: Bliss Trading Co. Ltd.
Address: 26 Chonivej, Prachachurn Road, Chattuchak
Zipcode: 10900
City: Bangkok
Country: Thailand
Tel: 66 - 18601127
Fax: 66 - 29119990

BLISS Trading Co. ltd. is a "Trade Sourcing Agents" which is an export trader whom specialized in providing customers premium Thai Arts & Handicrafts, Bath & Spa Suppliers We have strong Arts & Handicrafts production network, for Wholesale, Retail and Interior Business purpose. Our premium & unique raw materials are finished into products that perfectly suite to everyday lifestyle. We focus on product design, function benefit and competitive price.

We strive to present these sourcing service solution for buyers whom interested in Thai products and look forward to establishing a business partnership in foreign market. Trade Sourcing agent offers customers the quality & competitive price deal. Our service supports product soucing due to specification with qualified freight forward and production network. OEM is welcome. This ensures that our customers have the most effective supplier in Thailand tailored their needs.

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