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Company: Ezza International
Address: Room 34, 3rd Floor, Sind Market, M.A.Jinnah Rd.
Zipcode: 74000
City: Karachi
Country: Pakistan
Tel: +92 21 2439422 & +92 21 2430175
Fax: +92 21 2437430

We are a leading exporter of high quality textile items from Pakistan. We are in this business since 1992 and gained remarkable reputetion from our customers. We are supplying our goods mainly to the USA market for the last 10 years. We are strong in the following;
1- 100% cotton solid and printed flannel fabrics (we are specialized in this)
2- 100% cotton & poly/cotton white,dyed,printed fabrics in different constructions like 35/35 76x56, 76x68, 76x48. 20/20 60x60, 30/30 68x68 etc.
3- 100% cotton & poly/cotton white,dyed,printed percale fabrics
4- 100% cotton & PC twill fabric in white,pastel, medium & dark colors
5- 100% cotton & PC chambray fabric
6- 100% cotton denim fabric
7- yarn dyed flannel, seersucker, gingham, birdseque pique, waffle pique
8- bedsheets (pillows, comforters, duvet covers, cushions, mattress pads)
9- bathrobes (terry and waffle)
10- towels (A and B Quality) all types
11- Wiping rags material
Any interested buyer/importer can be contacted us for the listed items and we would quote competitive prices. We produce good quality and ship the goods in time and this our success.

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