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Company: S.C. Ramira S.A.
Address: str. Vasile Lucaciu no.160
Zipcode: Ro-4800
City: Baia Mare
Country: Romania
Tel: 004.0262.216.868
Fax: 004.0262.206.077
url: http://www.ramira.ro

RAMIRA S.A. Baia Mare, is a company which produces a) Machine tools; slotting, broaching, boring, honing, lapping, vibration superfinishing universal tools, grinding, special tools grinding, plates grinding, polishing screw plates, madrel grinding machines;
b) Machine tools accesories;
c) Equipment for food processing industry, for stone and wood processing and ceramics;
d) Spare parts and service parts.

Due to its more than 15 years of experience, our company is able to manufacture;1. Welded structures having 16 to maximum weight on the whole;
2. Machining prismatic machine parts with maximum sizes: L=6500, I=1000, H=1400 mm;
3. Gear boxes, feed boxes and reduction gear machining;
4. Gear machining;
- cylindrical with straight and bended teeth having a maximum deameter of 450 mm, a modulus of 0,5 5 and the precision class 7;
- conical with straight teeth, 1,5 4 modulus, maximum number of teeth 80, precision class 7;
5. Grinding prismatic machine parts with max.sizes: L=4000, l=1600, H=1000 mm;

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