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Company: Pinwood 1999 Co., Ltd.
Address: 46 Moo 1 Bamsannongbong, Pongyongcok, Hangchat
Zipcode: 52190
City: Lampang
Country: Thailand
Tel: 66-54-366-290
Fax: 66-54-366-291

Pinwood 1999 is established in 1995 and has been a quality-oriented manufacturer and exporter of rubber-wood products located in an up-north town of Thailand where materials and skilled labor are tremendous. Sales turnover of USD 4,200,000 per annum and this is 100% export. With the focus of export to U.S.A. and EU markets, our highly recognized quality products line have been continuously expanded. On-time delivery policy has driven us to become one of the top exporters of salad bowl, kitchenware, houseware, kitchen trolley and furniture.

We also focus our attention to R&D and OEM capability with large production line using latest technology and various mixture of machinery types i.e routers, coping machines, sanding, cutting drilling, double faced sanding as well as four-sided sanding.

Established in 1995, we are reputable for one of the fast growing company in the industry.

"Being aware of the history of our company gives me a great sense of pride and responsibility in that it will ultimately be up to me to continue our success if we are up to supplying what our clients need today and in the future," says Pensri, the managing director.

As a company that is interested in "long term alliance with business partner", Pensri out to secure not only clients' current orders for kitchenware and rubber-wood products , but also their repeat orders for years to come. "We give our clients a reasonably priced, high-quality product, but what sets us apart is our commitment to making sure that orders get to our clients on time, month after month.

About 70% of business is done with Europe and the U.S. , with the rest spread worldwide. OEM provides 30% of the firm's turnover in its kitchenware division.

"We have our own factories, with dedicated and skills staff who have been very trained with quality attitude. Yet, we are very focused in the services that we offer. We offer quality and delivery on time, with the emphasis on delivery. Once the quality is established, then it's there for good. But with delivery, you have to make sure that things run right every month of every year. If we don't deliver on time, then our clients won't be able to deliver to the retailers, and that means a hole in a display rack which means a loss of sales. We will do everything to ensure that that won't happen."

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