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Company: Shanghai Qiangxin Pack Technology Co.,ltd.
Address: Rm 108 No.787 1 bldg, zhizaoju road, shanghai
Zipcode: 20011
City: Shanghai
Country: China
Tel: 86-21-63760363
Fax: 86-21-63161947

Our company, SHANGHAI QIANGXIN PACKING TECHNOLOGY CO., LTD., is engaged in the manufacture and export of PP mesh bags, PP woven bags, PP woven laminated bags, PE heavy duty valve bags, Plastic-cotton woven bags (a cheaper substitute for jute sacks and cotton sacks), and many others. Our cooperative and subsidiary factories are AAA grade, and have ISO9002 certification for International Quality Assurance.

We are also engaged in the invention, development, and manufacture of machineries and equipments for the purpose of technological transfer to other manufacturers, to produce new and innovative products.

We are an authorized import/export company approved by the China National Foreign Economy & Trade Ministry. For agricultural products (grains, fruits, vegetables, etc.), flour, feeds, wool, cotton, and many others;

1) PP-Cotton Woven bags- compared to jute sacks, it has higher strength; proper elongation; higher density of weaving; lighter in weight; and is cheaper. The machinery we use for this product was invented by the Head of our Company, Mr. Lin Hou Pu.
2) PP Mesh bag- with or without plastic string
3) PP woven bags- with or without lining
4) PE Knitted Shading Nets for greenhouses

For fertilizers, chemicals, resins, minerals, etc., we offer the ff:
1) PP woven bag- with or without lining
2) Laminated PP woven bag- with anti-slip
3) PE Heavy Duty VALVE bag with or without ANTI-LEAKING seal. This is a patented product. We use machinery from Germany to produce this product.

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