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Company: YWK International, Ltd.
Address: 11/F, Shartex Plaza, No.88 Zun Yi Road - Hong Qiao Development Zone
Zipcode: 200336
City: Shanghai
Country: China
Tel: (86) 21-62756007
Fax: (86) 21-62086746
url: http://ywksh.com/

YWK International, Ltd. is a Hong Kong based international trading company with offices in China (Shanghai), Japan (Osaka) and Vietnam (Hanoi). We supply a wide variety of products that are used as raw materials in several industries, including, Chemicals, Paints & Inks, Coating, Plastics, Pharmaceutical, Cosmetic, Leather/Tanning, Fiber optical, Herbs, Lubricants, Copper, Food additives, Plastic & PVC additives, among other.

We also supply leather chemicals, fine chemicals and pharmaceutical intermediates from our own production factories in Shanghai.

Our expansion is owed to an active and growing sourcing team that progressively built close relationships and a permanent contact with Asian-based manufacturers. Today, that gives us a profound knowledge of these Markets, which enable us to produce and deliver a wide variety of products to the Asian and Western markets in an efficient way. With YWK you can expect a prompt response from our team, a Competitive Price from our manufacturers and a deliver on time.

YWK combines characteristics that make us unique: We are a Pan-Asian company, with our own factories in China, strong sourcing connections, a Japanese management, and services performed by an international team.

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