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Company: Innotech global Co,Ltd
Address: A1218 samho bldg,275-1 yangjaedong,Seochoku
Zipcode: 449910
City: Seoul
Country: Korea (South)
Tel: 8225890162
Fax: 82312729839

We, Innotech Grobal, Seoul Korea are manufacturer of Skin peeling gel and High humectant lift. The main ingredients of our products are from natural plants as under.. The SKIN PEELING GEL is with BCMO Complex ,which is mixture of Agarlcus Bisporous extract + Borago officinalis extract + Algae extract.. The High HUMECTANT LIFT is with BCCM-KS(Portease) + BCCM-AG(Agaricus Biporus stem Extract) + BCCM-HM (Borago officinalis extract) .

Recently, there are lots of skin care product in the market, everyone of them advertise their products. Are natural and have excellent effect on Skin problem. I believe you have no way to prove the quality except test it for yourself. I am sure that you will find immediately the difference in effects when you try our sample. Please allow me to send you one set of free samples. Only when you find the good result with our product, please let us have your esteemed order.

Our product have brandname "OMIR'
Our FOB prices are US$8.50 for Skin Peeling gel and US$14.00 for High humectant lift-essence. For both, 35ml pack, 3 weeks delivery, 3,000pcs minimum order base. Payment by TT or Irrevocable L/C.

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