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Company: INDEVCO Group Export Division
Address: Christ the King Highway
Zipcode: PO Box 11-2354
City: Zouk
Country: Lebanon
Tel: 961-9-209 012
Fax: 961-9-209 012 Ext. 7078

Over 50 years, INDEVCO Group ( has grown to 27 competitive manufacturers of plastic and paper flexible packaging, corrugated packaging, disposable consumer products, and jumbo tissue. The mission of INDEVCO Group Export Division ( is to facilitate online Requests for Quotation (RFQs) and to provide technical and logistical support to high-volume wholesalers and specialised distributors.

Our Export Executives, along with customer service and technical managers of ISO-certified facilities, work directly with customers to ensure quality and delivery of such products as: Industrial PE Films (cast stretch film, shrink film, rubber / tyre release film, valve and FFS bags); Agricultural Films (greenhouse covers, mulch film, fumigration film, water membranes); Food & Beverage Packaging (Aluminium lids, BIB packaging, bouillon film, butter wrap, calippo ice lolly packaging, cone sleeves for ice cream, dry food inner liners, flour bags, stand up pouches); Detergent & Soap Packaging (Bar soap wrap, detergent boxes, detergent polybags); and Catering and Foodservice Disposables (aluminium foil, cling film, paper sheets, paper bags, paper cups, pizza boxes, corrugated delivery trays, paper napkins);

Our group presence extends from Brazil to Cyprus, Egypt, England, France, Greece, Lebanon, Saudi Arabia, Sweden, Sudan, Ukraine, and the United States. In total, INDEVCO Group employs over 6200 people and generates approximately $1 bn/year."

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