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Company: Cheng Tiger Micro-electronics Institute
Address: 1th F., B Gaofa Building, 6 Jiuxing Road, Hi-tech.
Zipcode: 610041
City: Chengdu, Sichuan
Country: China
Tel: +86-28-85134798
Fax: +86-28-85134918

Chengdu Tiger Micro-electronics Institute is one of the Chinese leading designer and manufacturer of Microwave and RF components for both commercial and military application, which was set up in 1991 and is proud of its rapid development these years to be in the spotlight of both domestic and oversea customers and counterparts. Our main and most competitive products are RF Power Divider / Combiner(2-8ways), Directional Coupler(5-40dB), Duplexer, Filter, Isolator/Circulator, Frequency Mixer, Amplifier,etc.

We not only export our own products and supply OEM to large renowned corporations in Europe and America, we can also export the related electronic and Microwave &RF products made by the qualified Chinese corportioned. On the ground of our strength and our long-term good relationship with many of the Chinese manufacturers, as well our high-qualified and professional personnel, we are self-confident in our competitive price and excelent service we offer, just as we offered for years.

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