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Company: Mailyard Import & Export Trade Co., Ltd
Address: Xinhuaxia Rd No.316; Floor 22 Liangyou Building
Zipcode: 430022
City: Wuhan, Hubei
Country: China
Tel: 0086-27-85496422
Fax: 0086-27-85496427

Mailyard I/E Ltd is the general agency of Mailyard Group running the import and export trade of following mainly products;

1.Textile and garments, as well as OEM/ODM orders and the units possessing various quotas of Northern and Southern Americas and Europe distributed by state.For our tradiontional items and major products, we are among the 500 large-scale key enterprises in Mainland China and the largest manufacturer and export base in the field of texitle garments. We have more than 30 subsidiary companies with a total of 12,000 employees, which include 15 Sino-foreign joint ventures specializing in producing various garments and two ones for quality fabrics. Annually we produce 850,000 sets of men's suits, 1,000,000 pieces of other men's garments and 4,500,000 pieces (sets)of ladies' fashion, 1,800,000 meters of worsted fabric and 21,000,000 meters of fabric cotton, linen or chemical fiber, which are mainly exported to Europe, Asia,USA, Chile, HK, with an annual export volume amounting to US$120,000,000.

2.Light industry products, including gifts and crafts, sports products, plastic products;electronics and home appliance; computer products;

3.Machinery, equipment, hardware and material including chemical, construction material and packing material;

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