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Company: C.N.I fashion and style ltd
Address: Via Polveriera 143
Zipcode: 80035
City: Nola (NA) - Naples
Country: Italy
Tel: +39 081 8232537
Fax: +39 081 8232537

"We open the doors to all your buying needs. Save your time and money, while minimizing your risk. Meet us in Naples for a Buying Trip!" We are a young and dynamic team that believes that market research is the most important contribution and investment we can offer to our clients. After years spending a lot of time with manufacturers all over Italy, we focused our attention and working field into the market of Naples due to many important reasons; the variety of suppliers - More than 3.000 manufactures in one and only geographical area for womanswear, menswear, childrenwear, accessories etc, the creativity - Naples suppliers are innovative and creative generating a strong and steady flow of new ideas, concepts and designs that follow up the request of the trends and fashions of the moment, the delivery lead time - The production system of Naples manufacturers is based on the "pronto moda" philosophy and therefore the delivery lead time is considerably shorter than anywhere else in the world, the quality/price

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