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Company: X-Optics bv
Address: oudegracht 351
Zipcode: 3511 pe
City: Utrecht
Country: Netherlands
Tel: 0031-30 2667550
Fax: 0031 30-2667551
url: http://www.x-optics.nl

We are a company in The Netherlands specialized in manufacturing and importing (digital) nightvision products, daylight binoculars and some other products like rangefinders and spotting scopes. We deliver our products to several countries in Europe via our exclusive distributors to their retailers. Special markets in which we are working are outdoor, sports (hiking, hunting, yachting), security and foto market. All our products are first tested in our repair/test centre before they are being introduced. Quality of our products is very important to us. In all of the countries advertisement wil be done and payed by X-Optics to support our local distributors and retailers. We are still searching distributors for different countries inside and outside Europe.

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