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Company: Fuzhou Feihua Optoelectronic Technology Co.,Ltd
Address: No.10 Houxian Road
Zipcode: 350002
City: Fuzhou
Country: China
Tel: 86-591-3793577, 3796644, 3723709
Fax: 86-591-3705822
url: http://www.fzfh.com

Established in 1989, Fuzhou Feihua Optoelectronic Technology Co. Ltd. specializes in researching, developing and manufacturing security products, which mainly consist of CCTV lenses. We have a long history of manufacturing optical instruments and camera equipment.We employ nearly 20 senior and secondary engineers, and have close technical co-operations with outstanding security product suppliers around the world. We possess almost 50 precision optical machineries including numerically controlled lathes, automatic lathes, high precision lathes and so on. Also, we have several numerically controlled injection machines, optical cold working equipment and state-of-the-art optical detection equipment.

Our main products include camera lenses, CCTV camera lenses and optoelectronic microscope apparatus that are widely used in the security, biomedical, and communications fields. Furthermore, our company is one of the main suppliers of camera lens components and optical crystal plane processing equipment in China.

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