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Company: New Prosperous Enterprises Ltd.
Address: Room 614, 6/F, New City Center, No.2 Lei Yue Mun Rd, Kowloon
City: Hong Kong
Country: China
Tel: (852) 2349 9984
Fax: (852) 2379 1848

We are the chemical trading (import/export) division of the New Prosperous Enterprises Ltd. Our marketing office is located in Hongkong, and our sourcing office is located at Guangzhou City, China.

Our chemical trading division is composed of a team of veteran chemical traders, who have built up over the past 50 years;

a) Enormous trading experience of industrial chemicals covering organic, inorganic and plastic.

b) Excellent business relationship with chemical manufacturers in China, Taiwan, South Korea and Japan.

c) Excellent business relationship with Chinese factories in various industries, including electro-plating, surface finishing, textile, printed circuit board, breaching and dyeing.

If you want to buy quality chemicals with competitive price and dependable delivery, we can help you source from major manufacturers in China, Taiwan, South Korea and Japan. If you want to sell your chemical products to Chinese factories, we can help you connect to the ones who have real need of raw chemical materials for their production.

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