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Company: Twinmos technologies middle east fze
Address: P.O. BOX : 54278
Zipcode: 54278
Country: UAE
Tel: 9714-2996421
Fax: 9714-2996422

TwinMOS, was established in Sep'1998 with state-of-the-art production facilities and a professional management team. TwinMOS is a leading memory module manufacturer and committed to developing, designing, manufacturing and distributing the highest quality technology products to ensure total customer satisfaction. TwinMOS with the goal of product diversification has already expanded its product lines to OEM and Wireless LAN territories.

TwinMOS's current product lines includes the series of computer system memory modules; DDR / SDR DIMM's / SO DIMM's / RIMMTM / SIMM's which are applied to desktops, servers/workstations, notebooks; and series of flash memory products; CompactFlashTM Card, SmartMediaTM Cards, MultiMediaTM Cards, SecureDigitalTM Cards, Mobile Disk, USB cards reader/writer which are applied to digital cameras, MP3 players, PDA's and other digital electronic devices. Besides these, TwinMOS also invents in designing, manufacturing and distributing WLAN products, such as Network Interface Card and Access Point, and so on.

TwinMOS strives for "Win-Win" operations by forming strategic alliances with and long-term commitments to suppliers and customers. We are committed to providing customers the most dependable and compatible products, on-time deliveries, and competitive pricing to ensure complete satisfaction. This is how TwinMOS became Taiwan's leading module manufacturer and an Asian leader after 1998. Company headquarters are in Hsinchu, Taiwan and the operations center is in Hsichih. With market growth, TwinMOS has already set up sales offices around the world for customers' convenience.

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