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Company: Pathin Imports & Exports Co. Ltd
Address: 6. Psychikou Str., Strovolos
Zipcode: 2038
City: Nicosia
Country: Cyprus
Tel: 00357-22468270
Fax: 00357-22323942

Established in 1998 in Cyprus, the company engages in imports of products mainly from China. Its main line of imported products includes promotional gifts used by local publishers with their magazines. Recently the company expanded its line of business by importing fast moving products, which are sold by supermarkets and kiosks. Furthermore, the competitive advantage derived from the company's ability to source products at low prices, as well as its network with publishers, navigated the company to penetrate foreign markets, selling its products to publishers both in Greece and Romania.

Considering the size of the market in these countries, one can easily identify the potential for growth for PATHIN. Recent additions to its line of imported products are houseware, gifts, office stationery, furniture, sports and travel items etc.

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